BLOG > Why is horse riding considered an exercise?

Why is horse riding considered an exercise?

Why is horse riding considered an exercise?

Exercise Uncovered: The Essence of Horse Riding

Why is horse riding considered an exercise, you may ask? Do you simply saddle up, climb aboard, and let the horse do all the work? Here's a secret: horse riding is more than just sitting; it's a full-body workout that challenges your core strength, balance, and coordination. Ryker here, eager to illustrate the intricacies of this spectacular physical exercise. Strap in, folks, it's going to be an exciting ride!

Tuning into the Cardiovascular Rhythm

Imagine the scenario: you're atop a majestic beast, feeling the power of its muscles beneath you, warming up, and then breaking into a trot, canter, or gallop. Your heart rate accelerates, and you start feeling breathless. That's cardiovascular workout in action! Riding a horse increases heart and lung capacity as your body works to match the tempo of the horse's movement. And you thought only marathon runners get their hearts pounding. Fascinating, isn't it?

Stability and Core Strengthening: Riding Like a Pro

Have you ever seen a wobbly rider? I guess not! That's because horse riding is all about core strengthening. Maintaining your balance on a moving, often unpredictable, animal is not a piece of cake, folks. It requires significant abdominal strength. In essence, riding a horse is like doing an extended plank. And we all know how 'breathe-easy' planks are, right? So, the next time you witness a rider perched effortlessly on a horse, remember, their core is working harder than you can possibly imagine.

The Power Play: Muscle Toning and Flexibility

As an avid rider, when I get down from my horse, I feel every muscle in my body. That’s because horse riding engages several muscle groups. Your legs, to grip the horse and keep your balance. Your back and abdomen - it's all about maintaining that correct posture. And your arms and shoulders, to hold onto the reins, guiding your mount. This is no lazy Sunday stroll in the park; horse riding is a serious full-body workout!

Mind-Muscle Connection: The Subtle Art of Rein Handling

Ask any rider, and they'll tell you that the subtle art of rein handling goes beyond muscular effort; it's about the mind-muscle connection. Controlling an animal that weighs more than 10 times your weight fosters focus, alertness, and mental agility. And those aren't just for that hour in the saddle - these traits carry over into daily life. Little wonder why equestrians seem so zen-like and composed, isn’t it?

Good Vibration: The Therapeutic Aspect of Horse Riding

Did you know the rhythmic motion of horse riding is beneficial for individuals with physical disabilities, as well? Yes, equestrian therapy, or hippotherapy, uses horse riding as a rehabilitative process. The therapeutic impact is quite remarkable - improved muscle tone, balance, posture, and even motor coordination. A leisure ride potentially doing all that? Now, that's what I call a horse of a different color!

Lessons in Empathy: Learning from our Horse Companions

Rubbing shoulders (or in this case, riding saddles) with horses teaches you empathy and patience. Horses are sensitive creatures; they feel our emotions, react to our moods. To ride a horse successfully, you need to build trust, understand their cues, respect their boundaries, and exhibit patience. These lessons in empathy are invaluable life skills, extending far beyond the riding arena.

During my first riding lesson, I can recall being pretty flustered. The horse, sensing my nervousness, refused to cooperate. It was then I learned the vital lesson: riding is a two-way street. My instructor made it clear, “Ryker, you need to calm down, respect the horse, and be patient.” And once I did, it's like we formed an instant connection. That day, not only did I learn to ride but I discovered the true essence of empathy.

The Takeaway: Horse Riding, A Sport Augmenting Body and Mind

So you see, horse riding isn’t just a joy ride. It's an exercise that engages you physically, mentally, and emotionally. It's a discipline, a conditioning process, a way to build strength, improve fitness, and increase flexibility. Beyond that, it instills patience, respect, and humility - qualities too often overlooked in our fast-paced world.

Whether you're into hardcore gymming, yoga, running or just want to try a new form of exercise, consider horse riding. It's perhaps the most enjoyable, multifaceted way of working your body, honing your mind, and nurturing your soul. Ryker, signing off, with a simple advice: Don't just take my word for it, saddle up and experience it firsthand!