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If you’re thinking the reason I haven’t blogged in a while is because I have my mate Hamish staying over here with me. You are absolutely correct. Not because we’ve been going out to bars and having too much fun, but because his blogging skills are so far superior that I have blog envy and writers block! However if you want to see how I live here in the UK or need to know more about what I’m up to just visit his site: For a far more informative read.

We backed up and went to Wilton Horse trials on Sunday. The event that we were not to expect much from because it’s just a local one good for getting the young ones out. Well of course it has a beautiful setting and standard with British events a huge house or mansion as I’m not allowed to call them. I thought it was great and just down the road.

Lani finds intermediate eventing boring

Leilani did not believe me when I said she is having a run in an intermediate class, she did not think this event was good enough for her at all. Of course she was super and I loved every minute of my cross country ride on her .  

 JB Calypso was so good in the Dressage and the Cross Country that he managed to get a sixth place even though his ShowJumping score was not as good as it can be.

Underdiscussion received an award for best Dressage score of  the day with a 27 penalty points and enjoyed a nice slow run on cross country ,  saving his energy  for Hartpury coming up in 2 weeks.

 Kinnordy Rivaldo and I parted company at the last fence on the cross country would you believe. Which was a real shame because he was sitting pretty for a place. We are both ok though and I promised him I wouldn’t ride him like that again.



  1. The owner is on her way over to have a little talk with you!!

  2. Anita says:

    Run away now Chris!


  3. Marianne says:

    My comment landed in the section: comments to the Aachen pictures…
    Looks like I should have stayed longer after all and get some lessons from Hamish, since
    even the flight booking didn’t work…..ha ha

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