Flat out

I have some help from the young girl next door. And it was just in the nick of time. Pandora is helping me in the mornings to muck out and help groom the horses after they have worked. I was not coping very well-doing at all on my own.

Harry at the gallop track with one of Sam's horses

Took Haruzac for a gallop at William Foxpitt’s up hill, gel gallop track yesterday. And Harry got the shock of his life when he ran into his old paddock friend JB Calypso as we walked past him on the way to the track. I thought Harry could do with a bit of a blow out, but not as much as he did! He pulled my arms out and loved every minute of  it!


Lani walked back into the stable looking extremely sexy after a fresh clip this afternoon. And the boys went mad, whistling and banging down the stable doors. It was very funny to see.
I will be getting the others clipped when Amanda starts work for me next week.

Sorry to those people who have left comments and I haven’t replied, I just

Ken jumping. Check that helmet!

learnt how to see the comments on my iPad.

Till next time, Burto.

2 Comments on “Flat out”

  1. aaron moyes says:

    nice helmet lol

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