In a good place

Had an excellent day today, the horses have all had a jump over the last 2 days and they are feeling very well, which has it’s up sides, added extravagance to the already talented jumps of my wonderful team of horses means that they are all doing hand stands over the jumps! And I’m sure the riders and staff on the yard think I have brought over 5 Showjumpers from Australia. They are all jumping amazingly. The down side is that I am risking my neck every time I land over a jump, they all threaten to buck me off, so far I have managed to stay there although Harry came close.

Ken is off to a flying start with the new groom! He dragged Amanda across the gravel all the way back to the stables when she was attempting to get him on the walker, poor dear was too sacred to let him go and she grazed her shins and arm. The truth is every one who has worked for me in the last few years, has spent some time on the end of a lead rope while Ken takes them skiing across the dirt (including me). Why change what you do at home hay!

Big Sam G gave me some very helpful tips when jumping Mel.  As he seems like a very similar horse to train as Happy Times Sam’s WEG horse. Sam and Lucy have been very accommodating and I feel so strongly that Symphony Farm was a great choice to move to.

Quote of the day (from Sam): Burto and Newsprint look like an old married couple walking around holding hands.

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3 Comments on “In a good place”

  1. Tina says:

    Please give Amanda my apologies for his bad behaviour. I thought since he is now upside down, he may be a reformed character. Unlikely!

  2. Caz says:

    Your stories are pricesless Chris…….Keep them coming

  3. Anita says:

    Bloody Ken! Aka “Fruitloop” :-) lucky he is talented!


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