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A Soggy Christmas

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Tempranillo or ‘Pea’ enjoying her holiday


I have just been notified by Alison that she has not received our blog in a while. My sincere apologies, they must have got lost in the post after the Royal Mail service changed hands. With a bit of luck they will pick up their act for 2014.

The end of 2013 turned out to be quite a bit more exciting than expected. Adelaide always is and always will be Burto’s favourite event and he never expected to ride there whilst based in the UK. To win was something else! The event gets better every year and is a real credit to Gill and the team.

 Burto digging a trench outside our house to try and divert the water

The next surprise was of the Christmas variety and much less exciting. The heavens opened on the 23rd, the power went out and everything flooded. Most of Surrey was without power until Boxing Day. Less than ideal Christmas lunch cooking conditions.

Thankfully we had been invited to the Isle of Wight for Christmas with Sam and Lucy Griffiths at Lucy’s parents place. We had a lovely Christmas and Burto managed to keep up the Aussie tradition of wearing board shorts on Christmas Day… even on our chilly beach walk.

Chris Burton, Bek Thompson and Sam Griffiths

A slightly different Christmas beach walk than we are used to…

So far this year has proved pretty predictable (except for the night we ended up at the German Eventers Ball!). The horses are fresh, the days are short and the pub is visited on more occasions than we should own up to.


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