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Lani the Professional


I am naturally putting a lot of pressure on my self to do well in my new surroundings. So even though I felt I could have had a better result at Aachen. I was so impressed with the way the beautiful mare Leilani handled her self, I just had to blog about her.

She behaved like a true professional. In the dressage, it was only little things wrong that lost us marks on some movements. She tried so hard in a much more atmospheric arena than at WEG.

Then after walking the Show Jumping course, it was quite special for me to find her standing waiting patiently in between Hickstead the olympic champion stallion and another top ranked Show Jumping horse Ninja,  while  they were waiting to receive awards for the grand prix class held right before ours. Worried she wouldn’t be able to focus after talking with such stars, Lani winked at them both, trotted away, then warmed up so well and coped with the sheer size and pressure of the massive Aachen Show Jumping stadium, I couldn’t believe it.

For the Cross country warm up, she was quieter than I’ve known her and walked around the start box staying totally composed. I started to worry that she  ok,  until she heard the count down and she got right up on her toes and flew out of the start box, like she knew exactly what she had to do,  except for one moment at the last water jump, where I lost my head and nearly did one less stride to the rolltop in the water. She helped me back into the saddle, finished fast and pulled up sound and then back in the stable carried on eating her dinner that night like she had done all week.

She then took the long trip back to the UK including the rough ferry crossing, all in her stride.

Leilani is a hard worker and a real trier, I’m lucky to have the ride on her.



  1. Jean says:

    So proud of you both. I was crying at the end of the cross country I was so happy to see you finish clear and both safe.

    I know she is such a special girl and tries so hard . She is also so strong and confident these days it is wonderful to watch you both compete. ( Even if I could only see the computer showing results for show jumping & cross country) I did get to watch the dressage live.

  2. Carol Simpson says:

    Well done Chris and Lani. We all thought you did a great job. Congratulations from us in Oz.

    Carol Simpson

  3. Treasa says:

    You have every right to be proud and happy with Leilani, Chris and Jean. Congratulations on bringing her to Aachen to meet the stars. So well she can wink at those champions. She is probably saying “watch out, you will see more of me”. It is great we can see so much on-line.

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