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Off to Barbury


I’m taking Mel and Ken off to Barbury in the morning, Mel in the CIC 2** and Ken is in the open novice. It is meant to be a great event and I’m so looking forward to it. Lani got selected for Aachen the following week and she is going great so I hope we go well!

Sandhills Tiger arrived in our care today fresh from America. He was happy to catch up with his old friend Newsprint.

Tiger catching up with old friends

Glad to have him here and looking forward to have his rider Hamish come to stay when we make an assault on Burghley.

 I will update you on how the weekend goes.


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  1. Treasa says:

    Great to hear how well you and horses have settled in Chris. Seems you have plenty of Aussies visiting but you are missing Aaron and Jack! Sounds like you are heading for Aachen? You will see Marianne there. Look forward to hearing more.

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