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Back to my roots


Really enjoying having Amanda around to help share the work load! Firstly 6 horses may not be that much work to get through at home in Aus. But with them in boxes here and all the double handling of horses while they are put out to the paddocks makes 6 horses on your own very hard work. How ever all is well. Took Lani, Newsprint, Mel and Ken up to squad school yesterday and today had some great lessons off our Aussie coaches (Prue and Rod) just like going to SIEC. Did some XC schooling around an amazing schooling course which has to be said is better than any thing Australia has ever dreamt of. and instead of having Hamish and Christine in my Jumping lesson I had Pall Tapner and Lucinda Fredricks with me.
I then hurried home to plait Mel and Ken, ready for their competition tomorrow (first time plaiting a horse in 3 years).

The other day I pulled the edges of the arena in with a shovel. After I did one long side and looked up to find Aaron and Jack had not been there to do the other 3 sides of the school. I suddenly realized how good I have had it. Thank you to all the fantastic staff I have had over the years, I  know now I couldn’t have done it with out you.

Ps. Jack how the hell did you manage to plait Ken so easily all those times?


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