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Hacking in the rain


On the wheel

It’s only been 2 days and already the novelty of grooming for myself is fast wearing off (miss you Aaron).

Managed to get Ken safely on the horse walker with the help of the ex-racehorse Newsprint, who looked like he’d done a few laps on a walker before.

All the horses had a short hack out today and they weren’t too shy to make the cars move out of their way down the narrow country lane.  Then on my last ride a torrent of rain fell on my head, poor Lani was not impressed!

Hacking down the lane


 Welcome to England hey!


Lani and Barry not enjoying the rain!



  1. Jean Findlay says:

    Hi Chris,
    Lani is sure checking out that scary lane, who knows what is behind those hedges!
    Have you got one of those helmet cameras?
    Look forward to lots of photos.


  2. Kathryn Timmis says:

    Hey Chris
    Welcome to the UK – believe it or not the weather is not too bad at the moment!! Looks like you and all the horses are starting to settle in – we will pop down (over/across/up – no idea!) and see you soon. Portia has offered to quit school and become your full time groom but have had to decline on your behalf!
    Take care
    Kathryn xxx

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