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Settling in to British life


All the Horses have woken up in the UK this morning feeling very well.  All their temperatures are normal and except for a small graze on Mel’s face where Ken bit him, they are pretty much blemish free. Quite an accomplishment given the kilometers they have travelled.

Each horse has had a turn at grazing in the field today (which is different to a paddock because they are upside and on the other side of the world). They were all happy to have a run around and stretch their legs. I will start-up some light work with them tomorrow. The word is to take it easy for the first few days.


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  1. Lindy Babb says:

    Hi Chris, Tina just introduced me to your blog, which I will now be reading as often as you update.

    So pleased to hear that Ken and the others arrived safe and well, and getting to use a ‘field’ even if they are upside down. We can all breathe out now.

    Massive good luck over there, we’re behind you all the way.


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